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Eddie Lohmeyer

Connected Worlds Installation and New "Subjectivities"

2 min read

I saw this article on not long ago and I immediately drew a connection to Wesch's notion of reinforcing a student's ability to become knowledge-able, particularly in terms of "subjectivities" or what he calls new ways of interacting with the world that might question students to adopt new worldviews and reevaluate old ones. Anyway, Connected Worlds is a large scale interactive exhibit at the New York Hall of Science that uses Microscoft Kinects and projection mapping to create an immersive, tactile environment for users to learn about various ecosystems and environmental science. Basically, when a participant touches or comes in proximity of certain areas, sensors will project new information in the form of interactive animations (i.e. a youngster can touch a certain part of the wall and a seed will begin to grow out of their hand...). Yes, the exhibit seems geared toward younger audiences but I think it brings up some interesting questions about how technology might organize the type of subjectivities Wesch mentions through new sensory experiences while overturning some of the traditional physical (the classroom has now become a lush, virtual environment) and cognitie (learning is engaged through visual-hapitical sensations-perceptions) structures that we have become accustomed to.