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Chandra Maldonado

Learning about the archive

2 min read

 In light of Eddie’s post on archival research this past week, I thought I would do some more digging to find ways, if any, of how archives are being used in the classroom. I have not been an undergraduate student for some time now and picked up the taste for archival work in my graduate studies so I can imagine what life would have been like if an instructor would have introduced me to archival research early on in my education.   The link to the article below is a study conducted by an instructor of an undergraduate World Literature class. The author expresses that using the archive in the classroom will help contextualize and enrich the student’s experience on the topic they are researching. The author also claims that experience with these types of materials will help the student to tackle advanced projects in the future. The author notes “Experts emphasize that such tasks help build students’ information literacy, internal authority, recognition of the contingent nature of primary sources, and ability to process multiple diverging perspectives. Building these skills early increases undergraduates’ capacities to absorb and critically analyze information, while also increasing the likelihood that they will pursue advanced research projects later in their college careers” (pg. 2).


 I am not sure if this is a published piece, as I can only find the word doc. when I searched, but the ideas seem to be spot on in terms of what we are exploring is class.  I have the document if anyone once to read it or it is easily googled.

On  another note: Does anyone know how to attach word documents in a post?