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Melissa Adams

Storify - a compositon tool using social media content

1 min read

Posting to share this tool that I learned about at my AEJMC conference in August. Basically, you can aggregate content (including posts, video, photos, etc.) to compose a blog-like aggregate of social content.

Here's an example of one done for the last day at AEJMC - this is the PR Division day roundup.

I plan to use it to both teach professional skills and to offer students an opportunity to play with content and create various narratives from social content. I think play and time are the two key elements to this tool. My students will need to learn how to compose "on the fly" and this tool is a fun way to aggregate content from live tweeting and posting of events. There's no big chunk of time needed at the end of the day to create a more formal recap when you already have the social content to drag and drop into Storify. Although it is primarily designed for journalism and PR use, I think instructors in other disciplines could come of with some creative composition assignments using this tool as well.