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Here to teach CRDM 704, aka Technologies and Pedagogies in Communication Arts, a graduate class at NC State University. Interested in teaching with technologies across electrified and analog mediums and the pedagogies we adapt to best do so. Sometimes involved with discussions of "digital pedagogy" which grow out of digital humanities circles.

Paul Fyfe

Research on making news today. "Computers 'do not improve' pupil results, says OECD" BBC News

Geoffrey Luurs

This is a pretty cool article showing how being innovative with technology can allow us to manage ever increasing pressure from administrators to go digital to up our class enrollments. This guy took on over 2,600 students in one class section by letting the tools do the menial work for him and focusing on engaging students and current events.

Clearly, this model won't work for every class, but this could translate directly to lower level intro to popular media type classes without much difficulty, no?

Chandra Maldonado

This might be a silly question but can we depend on the classroom population being the same every semester? If not, how can we vary our teaching tools/ strategies to allow for effective teaching every semester? Should we do course prep every semester to cater to the student even though it’s the same course?

Now for a platform question... What is the difference between status update and a post?

Meridith Reed

I thought this was funny in light of our discussion today:

Paul Fyfe

[FYI, this is a Known "status update" instead of a "post". The status update basically just puts up content from a text box. A "post" seems more appropriate for annotated links you'd want to call out with a title.]

How Hands-On Technology is Enhancing the Classroom Experience | EdTech Magazine

The opening sentence seems like a fair introduction to a certain edtech paradigm: "Technology can bring the real world into the higher ed classroom and better prepare students for the workforce through hands-on technical training." The site as a whole is worth considering for who it seems to involve in teaching + technology discourse.

Paul Fyfe

Excited to use Withknown as a collaborative online scratchpad for class this fall. Been looking for an integrated way a class can share items across social media platforms, generate on-site posts and replies, &c. Wonder if this might even take the place of a CMS like Moodle.