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I am interested in intersections and relationships between the study of linguistics, literacies, and digital media. I thoroughly enjoy teaching, although I'm not really teaching right now. My dream course would be an undergrad seminar broadly on Language & Digital Media Research.

Joel Schneier

Visualizing collaborative writing

1 min read

Since the readings this week get heavy into collaboration (including the difficulties in addressing assessment of collaborative student work), I thought I'd at least share this. This is a Google App that visualizes the writing process of multiple contributors within a Google Doc. I've mentioned that I like using Google Docs as a space for collaboration, and there are certainly ways to observe that collaboration occurring live, but this might be an interesting way to re-visualize that process. This is of course all based on keystrokes and mouse movements, so it doesn't say anything about the off-screen collaborative processes that occur. 

Here's a link to the tool itself (DocuViz) as well as a paper from a recent conference proceedings.

Joel Schneier

Joel Schneier

Newhive and multimodal composition

2 min read

As we touched in the first day in class, many of us are interested in multimodal composition. Therefore I thought I'd share something new to me that I'm experimenting with as a potential tool, The site appears to have launched sometime early in 2014, and claims:

NewHive is a multimedia publishing platform. We provide a blank space and custom tools to simplify the process of creating rich multimedia experiences on the web.

From what I've explored and experimented with, it seems to offer a unique space to compose some interesting online experiences that can incorporate various visual, audio, and textual components. It also allows "remixing" of other users' content in order to create something new. It seems to be trying to emulate DIY zine culture from the late 80s/early 90s. It also allows some degree of static presentation, which would make it a bit more ideal for assessment and presenting a final product of some sort (whereas a platform like Tumblr might be a bit more problematic). 

As an example, and how I came across the platform, here's a link to an example story by musician EMA that narrates the creation of her most recent album, called Back to the Void.